Carrier IQ

Our mantra around here is that you should aways start and end your day with Android Central -- we're the center of the Android Universe, after all. But when we're not busy stroking our own egos, we're busy stroking other people's and reading everything we can get our hands on. And there's been some damn fine work regarding the Carrier IQ saga from people we respect that you must read. Here's a recap:

  • Lance Ulanoff, Mashable: "From the moment I read about Carrier IQ’s explanation about what its software does and watched this video, I recognized it as pretty much run-of-the-mill debugging and diagnostic software."
  • Paul Thurrott, "Trevor Eckhart is many things, perhaps, but he's not a security researcher. ... His accusations set off an incredible torrent of news and recriminations, especially for Carrier IQ, the company that makes the eponymously named software. But I'm pretty sure almost all of this is baloney."
  • Sascha Segan, PCMag: "Your carrier can read your text messages, sniff your packets, and listen in on your phone calls, [Carrier] IQ or no. So what's changed? Immediacy and trust."
  • Rene Ritchie, TiPb: "Does that mean it’s wrong to feel violated? Certainly not, but right now a lot of the attention is being focused on Carrier IQ and that’s a lot like blaming a gun — what you really want is the shooter. It’s the carriers and the manufacturers who are implementing Carrier IQ."
  • Sean Hollister and Dieter Bohn, The Verge (extended interview): "Other technical details — including how exactly Carrier IQ stores and transmits its data and how carriers utilize it — are both comforting and disquieting by turns. ... At the very least, how Carrier IQ’s software is implemented on various devices needs wider scrutiny from both security experts and regulators."

Take some time and give 'em a read. You'll be smarter for it.