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As integral to the fabric of the Grand Theft Auto series of games to the driving and shooting things, is the selection of radio stations to listen to whilst driving around shooting things. From GTAIII onwards, we've been treated to sounds such as Chatterbox FM in GTAIII, and V-Rock in GTA: Vice City. And, now, thanks to an Android application, we get to take the aural treats of the Grand Theft Auto universe with us anywhere we go. 

Simply titled GTA Radio, this comes not from the guys at Rockstar Games, but still features the same sounds nevertheless. The selection is broad too, covering off the radio stations from GTAIII, Vice City, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, San Andreas and GTA IV. Admit it, you're excited about being able to tune into Vladivostok FM again, aren't you? 

The only gripe so far would be the sound quality. It isn't the greatest, but then we're supposed to be listening to the radio, so it's not the end of the world. But, it buffers pretty quickly, and importantly also plays in the background. It's free, and ad-supported, and promises to work on anything from Android 1.5 and up, including Android 4.2 and it works on the Nexus 4. Just don't get too carried away if you're listening to it in the car, OK? 

via Pocket Gamer