RED founder confirms Hydrogen Two, promises to deliver a much better phone

What you need to know

  • RED founder Jim Jannard has confirmed the company is working on the Hydrogen Two.
  • The company will partner with a new ODM for the Hydrogen Two, which is apparently being designed from scratch.
  • A redesigned cinema camera module called Komodo is on its way as well.

RED's first smartphone, the Hydrogen One was one of the most disappointing smartphones last year. In a post on the company's website, RED founder Jim Jannard has announced that the company has started work on the Hydrogen Two.

The post does not include many details regarding the upcoming smartphone, except that it is being designed "virtually from scratch" to "surprise and exceed expectations." In the same post, Jannard has blamed Hydrogen One's ODM in China for all the issues plaguing the device. He claims the ODM has "significantly under-performed" and failed to fix known issues on the Hydrogen One. For the Hydrogen Two, RED is working with a new ODM that is said to be much more capable of building and supporting a product that can meet the expectations of both the company and its customers.

As for the promised camera module for the Hydrogen One, RED says that it had to be modified and is now being developed in-house by the company. The project was brought back into the RED house after realizing that the ODM "was not going to complete the module that they committed and guaranteed to do."

The camera module has now been redesigned and fitted with an "extraordinary sensor". More details regarding the camera module, called Komodo, will be shared soon. Jannard claims the new module will have vastly improved capabilities compared to the originally planned module. While it will not be in the same league as the company's high-end cameras, it is claimed to be a "complimentary camera for cinema grade images at the highest level at lower pricing."

The company will also offer "significant preferential treatment" to customers who had purchased the Hydrogen One, including discounts on both the Hydrogen Two as well as the new Cinema Camera model.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • I hope it works out for them. I had a feeling that something was up when those camera modules didn't get released. I get the feeling that the Hydrogen Two will be a vast improvement over the Hydrogen One. I still won't get it because I can't afford it but I also can't wait to see what they end up with. Hydrogen Two in 2020.
  • I'm nothing if not stubborn, so I am still intrigued by the promise of Hydrogen Two. Despite the Hydrogen Pancake One and despite, this sloppily worded and ill-thought-out release. The release reanimates the bravado of that floated the initial, cratered release, yet still assumes we all have high expectations for round two without really giving any cause. The use of the words, "committed and guaranteed to do" are curious, given Red's documented and incontrovertible failure to deliver. Perhaps there's some subtle meaning of "guaranteed" that I am not familiar with? So color me insufficiently off-put and on-board!
  • Over priced, over hyped, epic fail. Perhaps that's what they should call the second one Red Epic Fail.
  • Eh way to blame others for not getting it done. They put their name on the product so they need to figure it out. Then again anyone dumb enough to throw that kind of money on a newcomer in the market had to know what they were potentially dealing with. No matter how great the camera is, if the phone part of it is meh (which it seemed to be along with many parts of the device), it won't sell.