doubleTwist iTunes Radio Recorder

A clever use of AirPlay gives you offline access to streamed music

With the existence of Rdio, Spotify, Google Play Music and Pandora, there's really no need for iTunes radio on your Android device. But what if you could download tracks directly from iTunes Radio to play back later? Well-known music app makers doubleTwist have just released an app in the Play Store, iTunes Radio Recorder, that does just that.

The process is pretty simple — launch iTunes on your PC or Mac, start playing iTunes Radio and launch the new iTunes Radio Recorder app on your phone. Your phone will then show up as an AirPlay device, and once you select it from iTunes on your computer it will begin to download every track that is played in real time.

After each track is finished streaming, you'll have a music file that is ready for offline listening from any music app of your choice — though we bet doubleTwist wishes you'd use their own. By default you get a 32 Kbps track that frankly sounds bad, but you can unlock high-quality AAC recording with a $4.99 in-app purchase.

We're not sure of the issues doubleTwist may run into with Apple going forward, but for what it does the tool seems to work just fine and can be an option for those who listen to iTunes Radio on the desktop and want to save those tracks for later. Hit the Play Store link above to grab a download.