The Garmin Mini dash cam is down to $79.99 on Best Buy. This dash cam was selling for as much as $130 earlier in November. Then it dropped down to this $80 price for Black Friday, sold out, and jumped back up to $100. Now we're seeing the same deal back again just in time for Christmas. You can even find it for $80 on Amazon, but that one won't be back in stock until Christmas Day. So only go through Amazon if you aren't planning to get this as a gift for someone.

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Garmin Mini dash cam

Also available on Amazon but won't arrive until after Christmas. The Garmin Mini is the size of a car key but records in 1080p with a 140-degree viewing angle. Has integrated mic, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Monitors your car when parked. Supports microSD.

$79.99 $100.00 $20 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

This is an adorable little camera that's barely the size of a car key. Of course, that also has a strategic benefit in that wherever you put this in your car it will go mostly unnoticed. You won't be distracted by it, and there's a good chance the people it records won't notice it. It's all very unassuming.

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The camera automatically records video of certain incidents. The built-in G-Sensor creates an emergency video file backup whenever something happens where you'll definitely need the video. It can capture video footage in crisp 1080p resolutions, and it has a 140-degree field of view so it can get multiple lanes of traffic. Use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and you can upload saved footage directly to your smartphone if you have the free Garmin Drive app. Plus, the app's auto sync feature lets you control and play the footage from up to four cameras on your phone.

You'll be able to mount this on your dashboard using a simple adhesive method. You can also set it to Parking mode and the camera will monitor your car and its surroundings while parked. Since the car won't be on, you will need a parking mode cable to ensure the cam has power. Grab one of those for around $33.55 on Amazon if you're interested.

Garmin backs up the Mini dash cam with a one-year warranty. You will need a microSD card to record footage on, and the Mini supports up to microSDXC. Grab a 128GB Samsung Evo Select card for just $16.99.

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