It's been hailed as one of the best Google Glass competitors out there, delayed, redesigned, delayed, redesigned again, delayed again, and at long last is ready to start shipping to folks who purchased one back in July 2013. Recon Instruments has been quite publicly developing a wearable computer to bring smarts to users who enjoy an active lifestyle for a while now, but their CEO remains convinced that everyone will agree it is well worth the wait to experience a Recon Jet.

For the uninitiated, Recon Jet is a wearable computer not entirely unlike Google Glass, only purposefully focused on only being used during activities instead of worn all the time. Recon wants to create a compelling in-activity experience by offering the user glanceable performance metrics and photo/video capture capabilities, alongside a social sharing experience that helps tie everything together. This is accomplished through a lightweight computer built into a pair of sunglasses, positioning the display towards the bottom right of your field of vision instead of the top right like we've seen with Glass. There's a lot of potential in an experience like this, and even though the $699 price tag is a bit of a hike from the original $499 the headset was pitched at back in 2013 it's an idea that has no shortage of excited users.

If you weren't a part of the initial rush to pick up one of these Android-based wearable computers, Recon plans to make the Jet available through specialty outdoor stores and in the US, and available through their website if you're living anywhere else in the world. For those curious to see what this experience is actually like before taking the plunge, we'll be spending some quality time with one of these activity computers as soon as it hits our mailbox, so keep your eyes peeled and get your questions ready.