PowerBot PB1020 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

We're always after the best wireless chargers that hold up to repeated use and don't require a lot of finagling to hit that sweet spot. PowerBot's PB1020 is currently one of the highest rated wireless charging pads available on Amazon, but what makes it such a popular choice?

The first thing we notice about the PB1020 is that there's nothing special to notice. The entire design and functionality is completely straight forward. And that's part of what makes this wireless charger so great. Sometimes less is more.

The top and bottom of the charging pad features an anti-slip rubber that helps your device from sliding around and the pad from doing the same. It has a diameter of about 2.5 inches, making it perfect for any office desk, nightstand, countertop or coffee table. It's easy to appreciate these pocket-sized pads because we really don't need anything larger to take up space — unless you're looking to wirelessly charge two devices simultaneously.

On the side is a micro-USB port with a 2.1A input. PowerBot includes 2 micro-USB cables with the PB1020, measuring 1ft. and 5ft. for just about any setup; no wall adapter, though. There's an LED indicator that lights up green while idle then turns blue while charging. You'll even get an audible beep to reassure that you've placed your device properly. The specified output is 5V with a 1A max, so don't expect any kind of rapid charging here, but we already know we can't match Quick Charging speeds with a wireless charger... yet.


  • Compact design
  • Prevents sliding
  • Includes 2 cable lengths


  • Slow charge
  • Unreliable with certain cases

Our take

It's hard to see many flaws with the PowerBot PB1020 when they've kept all aspects pretty basic. For only $14.99, it's a good buy and a great wireless charging pad for beginners.

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