Quest for Stars' latest endeavor will once again launch Motorola hardware into space

Quest for Stars, the 501(c)3 that engages students in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology studies, will harness the power of Android once again for its latest endeavor. Stratoshuttle, the latest Student Shuttle Program, is challenging students around the country to design a shuttle that will withstand a launch into the stratosphere and return home in one piece. The winning design will ultimately be outfitted with a Motorola tablet or smartphone that will act as data aquisition and navigation for the aircraft. Quest for Stars' partnership with the Motorola Mobililty Foundation gave way to an OG Droid being sent into the stratosphere for photos and GPS tracking, a task later adopted by a couple of Droid Xs.

Launch date and location will be announced at next week's Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers' Conference in Palo Alto, as will details on how to enter your hand crafted spaceship into the running. We'll keep our eyes to the skies for the launch, and we'll pass along the Motorola-snapped photos as soon as they return to Earth.

Source: Quest for Stars

Anndrew Vacca