Planning to get outdoors a lot more as the weather warms up? If you're going real deep into the outdoors, maybe alone into the forest, then you're going to need some provisions. Start with the Lifestraw Go two-stage water filter bottle. It's on sale for $29.99 at Amazon. You can also find this deal at Best Buy, which is actually where the price originated as part of Best Buy's deals of the day. The sale ends at the end of the day so grab one while you can. This bottle normally sells for $40 and doesn't go on sale very often. While some colors like regular Blue are also temporarily going for a price around $30, some like Big Adventure are actually going for as much as $45.

Drink Up

Lifestraw Go two-stage water filter bottle light blue

The two-stage integrated filter and straw removes contaminants, reduces bad odors, and improves taste. Protect against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, chlorine, and more. Fill your bottle up anywhere, even in lakes or streams.

$29.99 $40.00 $10 off

We've always liked the regular LifeStraw just as a tool you can use to get clean water anywhere. Well, now they've simply attached a 22-ounce bottle to the straw. So now not only can you get clean water anywhere, you can carry that water with you and drink even if you're on the move. And let's be honest, those pictures of people leaning over a river with a straw seemed awkward anyway.

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Now you can just fill up your bottle with water from any location, whether you're next to a lake or stream or just at the sink in a hotel or something like that. It doesn't matter. The LifeStraw two-stage integrated filter system protects against all sorts of things. It can filter out 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. It also removes chlorine, organic chemical matter, silt, sand, and cloudiness. It can even remove bad odors and improve the overall taste.

The membrane microfilter lasts for up to 1,000 gallons as well. The activated carbon filter can last for up to 26 gallons of water with proper use. The bottle and cap are also dishwasher safe when the filter is removed.

LifeStraw promises safe water for a child for an entire school year with every purchase as well.

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