Update: With the campaign coming to a close, the team were able to deliver 1,000 lumens of power ahead of the $1M stretch goal initially needed! Check out the full details about Qube below, and hit the link at the bottom to get in for yourself.

Qube is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo to make it more affordable for you to put Wi-Fi smart light bulbs in your home, with single bulbs starting out at only $19. Connected home accessories are great, but often times the cost of entry holds people back from being able to get into it throughout their whole house. Some of the features of Qube include:

  • Qube Sense - detects your location within the house to create automations on your lights effectively
  • Qube Notifications - notifies you through your lights when you receive a call or message on your phone
  • Qube Schedules - sets your lights to gently wake you up in the morning
  • Qube Remote - connects 24/7 allowing you to access your lights from anywhere in the world with internet access
  • Qube Moods - always has the right light setting for any occasion, whether it is a dinner date or birthday party
  • Qube Energy - Qube Smart Bulbs are designed to last up to 50,000 hours, or the equivalent of 27 years

Single bulbs are priced at $19, and you can buy them individually, in packs of two, ten or even a hundred. As of writing this, the campaign has raised over $220,000 (more than 400 percent of its goal), and stretch goals are unlocked at $300,000. You can back Qube on Indiegogo right now, and lock into a sweet deal on the most affordable smart bulbs around.

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