Qmadix Snap-On Cover and holster review - two kickstands and modern style

The Qmadix snap-on cover is a slim snap-on case with a sharp style and a kickstand that supports your device in either landscape or portrait orientation. It comes with a snug-fitting slide-out holster that has a nice felt interior to protect the screen and a lockable clip to use it as a kickstand as well.

The open front face limits a lot of the protection the Qmadix snap-on case has to offer. Sure, the rear is fine, but the corners are a bit of a toss-up, and the top and bottom are completely open. that said, the major utility you’re getting from the Qmadix shell are a cool look and a kickstand (unless, for some reason, you’re really interested in keeping the rear of your device in pristine condition).


The Qmadix snap-on cover’s metallic/hard plastic hybrid composition is very stylish, and sports sharp lines - perfect for those that want to give their phone an ultra-modern look. The holster mimics some of the case’s sharp patterns on its rear, which is cool, but only really visible when your holster is unclipped. The front face is predominantly open, so you’ll still get to see the device’s original color. My model only had the red highlight around the camera, but there are versions of the case out there in purple/grey and red/black color schemes. 


The kickstand is pretty sweet, at least. It has a secondary support, and slides easily into the locked position. The viewing angle is closer to 45 degree when the phone is upright, which isn’t ideal, but the fact that it can stay balanced in either orientation is really nice.There's clear access to all of the important parts, including the charging and syncing contacts and the Beats Audio speaker on the back of the HTC One X.

The holster provides all of the protection for the front face that you’re going to get. It’s a little tight sliding the phone in or out, but there is a big patch of soft material on the inside to make sure the pressure doesn’t scratch the screen. Now, the holster also has a lockable clip so it can double as a kickstand on its own. The OtterBox Defender series didn’t manage to do this particularly well, and though the Qmadix holster works just fine in both landscape and portrait, it’s only really useful if you go through the hassle of removing your phone from the clip-on case so it can fit in the holster face-out. The HTC One X sits loosely in the holster without the case, so you’d only want to have it set up like this temporarily.


  • Sharp styling
  • Versatile kickstand


  • Holster kickstand requires case removal

Bottom line

When unholstered, the Qmadix snap-on case doesn’t offer much in the way of protection, but it does have a handy kickstand, and earns big marks in the style department if you’re into the sharp, high-tech look. The paired holster is nice, but needs a bit of work if its own kickstand clip is going to be remotely useful.

The Qmadix snap-on case and holster combo is normally $34.99, but we’ve got it for $5 off right now at ShopAndroid.

Simon Sage
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  • Nice review. One little request: Can you put the phone it's for in the title? I wasn't sure if it was for the One X, or the Evo 4G LTE until halfway through the review.
  • Yeah Please put the phone model so we know what device it's for