My list of targets to which I can send content via Chromecast is growing. And it's growing quickly, especially now that Chromecast Audio is available.

But look at my list here. I actually only have two video targets, and I have four audio targets. You just wouldn't know it from the icons in the list here. Chromecast Audio stands out, of course. So the kitchen and solarium are covered. But confusing things a tad is Sonos, which still has the "old" Cast target icon. (One of the "Bedroom" entries and the "Living Room" entry are Sonos speakers.)

This is very much a niche problem, of course. First you have to have some Sonos hardware — and even then you'll only see this issue in the Google Play Music app. Outside of GP Music and things are a little more standard. Icons are the same for all targets, but you also get a description of what kind of target it is — but even that layout isn't universal.

Cast targets in app

In any event, it's a good reminder to name things appropriately and a bit more descriptively.