PS5: Exclusives 'more important than ever' according to Sony

Demons Souls 1440p
Demons Souls 1440p (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Sony recently held its PS5 showcase, The Future of Gaming.
  • At this event, several PS5-exclusive titles were revealed, such as Horizon Forbidden West.
  • According to Sony, exclusive games are more important than ever for the platform.

Sony recently held its PlayStation 5 showcase, The Future of Gaming. In addition to revealing the PS5's design, Sony also unveiled several exclusive PS5 games being developed both in-house at Sony Worldwide Studios and with external partners. These include high-profile titles like Gran Turismo 7, Demon's Souls and Horizon Forbidden West.

According to Simon Rutter, PlayStation's EVP for Europe, exclusive games are "more important than ever" for the platform. In an interview with The Guardian, Rutter explained that these games are "More important, I think, than they've ever been. Through their proximity to the system's designers, PlayStation's studios are able to really extract the most out of the system performance and that's a really valuable attribute for a platform holder to have."

Rutter went on to give examples of how games like Gran Turismo 7 are taking advantage of the PS5's hardware, with loading times reduced to "next to nothing." Meanwhile, 3D audio and the haptic feedback in the DualSense controller provides an advanced sense of immersion and control while you're barreling down the racetrack.

With Sony's main competitor in Microsoft leveraging its exclusives day and date on Xbox Game Pass, which now touts over 10 million subscribers, it will be interesting to see the approach Sony takes with its own service, PlayStation Now, in the leadup to the PS5's planned Holiday 2020 launch.

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