Product Shots of HTC Hero Pop Up

If you wanted to see product shots of the HTC Hero, we got 'em. It looks like the HTC Hero will only be coming in 2 colors: white and bronze/brown. They both seem to have a classy trim to them which will certainly heighten the luxury feel. Also, you can see that they have dedicated hardware buttons for make call, end call, home, menu, back, and a search button. We're beginning to really like this phone...

What color do you guys prefer?

hit the jump to see more press shots of the HTC Hero!

  • Darn cool interface! Awesome!
  • Wow. The Bronze/brown color actually looks kind of cool on this device (way better than the G1 anyways). I would love to go Android, but meh. I'm close to going out and getting the 32GB iPhone 3GS because of the storage, speed, and 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • PLEASE don't go iPhone. Expandable media cards make the 32GB attraction non-existent. 3.5mm jack. Big deal. While a bit sucky, I have been using the HTC adapter for years. Not all that big a deal. With iPhone, I'm not sure what's worse; Apple, AT&T or the iPhone itself. Come on. Don't descend into the dark side.
  • Haha. I get your drift, but are there any 32GB microsd cards actually coming out to the US? I haven't been able to find ANY online or offline... I don't mind Apple, but I just don't want to be tide down to iTunes (Banshee would be nice).
  • Its time for my upgrade and i'm tired of waiting. Should I just get the G1 or hold out for the My Touch 3G or wait even longer for the G1 Touch. I mean this G1 Touch looks AWESOME.
  • please make more colour,red,green,orange,yellow...dont be so boring always black and white
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