T-Mobile G2 pre-order page online

Ready to preorder your T-Mobile G2?  You now can, online at T-Mobile's G2 page.  T-Mobile says the device will launch on October 6th as suspected, and will cost you $249.99 after before rebate and on contract, and $499.99 outright.  That's a little higher than anyone expected, and is sure to be a source of contention across the tubes

Another major source of the same contention, is that many folks aren't able to preorder the G2 through their T-Mobile account, while others are reporting no problems and getting delivery dates as early as the end of next week.  Unfortunately, I fall in the former, so I'll have to dust off the phone icon and actually make a phone call in the AM.  In their defense, T-Mobile did take the time to inform everyone that there were problems, and that they're working on it.  Remember to save at least one for me in the morning.

Update: The T-Mobile order page is online and running, That $249.99 quoted above is before a $50.00 rebate, with the off-contract price unchanged at $499.99.  Just about what everyone expected.  [T-Mobile (opens in new tab)]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • As far as I can tell, it's $199.99 after rebates, not $249.99.
  • Yep. I finally got through. Delivery date Oct 3 -- a Sunday lol. I expect it on the 6th ;)
  • Tmobile said they can't pre order it over the phone.... imma jus wait till the official drop date....not alot of people know bout phones or care bout phones in my area...lol...when the hd2 dropped..I was 2 nd in the line.. and the first guy in front of me which I thought was gonna purchase it too....told me he was doing a rate plan change..lmao
  • I just pre-ordered mine off contract through customer care for $499.99. The good thing is that they allowed me to split the payments over the course of three months. Yayyyyy this phone better be good. Goodbye BlackBerry!
  • I'm still trying to pre-order but the link dumps me to the store with a total of 31 phones available and G2 is MIA. Glad to hear they're rolling with the monthly payments too on the upgrade pricing. That'll make this a bit easier for me to swallow!
  • I have the exact same problem :(
  • I was not able to pre-order online. I did however call in to tech support and they were able to secure my order. It was $257 Cindy said with a $50 mail in rebate as has been reported. Estimated arrival date she said was October 6th.
  • Tmobile did'nt know anything about Preorder on the G2 or radioshack or bestbuy we call Tmobile and they still did'nt know we decided to wait
  • I am not sure why you all are unable to pre-order the phone. I did not bother with pre-ordering on the internet because of the issues that have occurred in the past with internet ordering. I suggest that you all call customer service directly. I did and did not have any problems with pre-ordering. I hope this helps.