Poll: Will you be buying either the Kindle Fire 2 or the Kindle Fire HD?

Now that Amazon has announced the Kindle Fire 2 and the Kindle Fire HD with some pretty interesting specs and price points, we've got to ask whether or not you're interested in either of these devices so, go ahead and sound off in the poll below. If none of the options fit for ya, let us know in the comments your thoughts on the devices.

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  • Nope. The original fire was a hassle to get Play store access and another hassle once you had access to get your device to list as compatible. It isn't really a tablet. It is an Amazon consumption device and trying to make it into a legitimate tablet takes a lot of tinkering. Also, did they add bluetooth? That was the worst thing about the original fire. Selling it for my Nexus 7 was the best decision I ever made and I am more than happy with my purchase.
  • right!
  • Yep. Of course it's a consumption device. That's why Amazon sells at that price. They're making money on the backend.
  • All I really need is the Amazon video player.
  • It's tempting, but no... I just bought the Nexus 7 (which I now feel may have been overpriced LOL) and I like having the pure Google experience.
  • How is the N7 overpriced when the 7" Fire HD is the same price, is locked down by Amazon and has similar/worse specs? Maybe you are comparing the updated Fire 2 that is $50 cheaper but is nowhere near the N7?
  • Poor use of sarcasm on my part - I'm actually very pleased with the budget price I paid for this tablet :) As you say, the specs are fantastic and I like knowing the updates will be coming for it.
  • until you get the latest android on the next release.. nexus7 keeps on giving, while amazons hacked mess is stuck with their poor updates.
  • until you get the latest android on the next release.. nexus7 keeps on giving, while amazons hacked mess is stuck with their poor updates.
  • front camera is a must.
  • I'd be fine recommending it to a friend, and that 1200p screen sounds incredible, but I don't think I'd buy it. For one thing, 8.9" is not as portable as 7", which is about as big as you can get and still be pocketable. Still, at $300, I hope Amazon has a big win with this device. Looks like the tablet race hasn't been won yet!
  • The 8.9" Is just a tad smaller than a Ipad
  • Not having a real gmail app with push notifications, not having access to calendar, not having access to Google apps, not having access to Google Play makes this a VERY limiting device. It makes it a very cool e-book reader - oh, and that you could do with a Nexus 7, Asus Transformer, AND have access to ALL apps - Amazon and Google.
  • Sadly, most non tech savvy people won't care when they see new parental controls in an add...
  • True, but an opportunity for a developer or Android 4.1.2
  • The lack of push notifications on the original Fire really surprised me; I'm shocked that they still don't offer them. Aside from not seeing when email arrives, what's the use of multiplayer games if you can't see when it's your turn? I received a Kindle as a conference door prize in March; while I liked its small form factor and used it for reading and light games and web surfing, I gave it to my mom for mother's day. It can't hold a candle to my Transformer TF-101 for day-to-day usability, though I do wish the Transformer were lighter and easier on my hands.
  • Amazon just ate Google Nexus 7's and Samsung's lunch for this Christmas in regards to tablets... this is sad... plus iPad mini and Win8 tablets on the horizon...
  • I don't see how that's true. The 7 inch from Amazon has a slower processor, same memory, and is locked to Amazon content, for the same price as the Nexus 7. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 doesn't have quite the same screen rez, but is an OLED screen, faster processor, same memory as the HD, for the same price.
  • For some, "locked to Amazon content" isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you don't care about games and apps but care mostly to use the device for video/books/magazines/music, and if you already have Amazon Prime it's not a bad deal. I have a Kindle Fire and I'm more than happy with it. Is it a Nexus? No. I don't really care though. I have a Galaxy S3 which more than makes up for the lack of Googliness on my Kindle. On the Kindle, I get no hassle free access to every episode of The West Wing, interactive National Geographic and Wired magazines, and free to lend bestselling books. As the man said, it's not the gadget, it's the content. Google's store still has a long way to go for movies/books/magazines/audio. The Amazon reader and movie player just aren't as smooth and lack a lot of features if you try to use them on the N7. The best of both worlds, of course, would be for both Google and Amazon to team up. I'm hoping that Bezos' "Kindle Fire is a service" is a hint that maybe Amazon will consider putting their software and services stack, complete with Prime lending library, X-Ray, Amazon video player, whispersync that syncs audio and text books, etc. out there for other Android platforms as well. And THAT, is the reason, I would hold off buying one of these just now. My guess is that Amazon's "Plan B", that is, if these Fires don't sell well, is to do just that. All that said, the Paperlight one to replace my current Kindle Keyboard looks like a very definite possibility. 8 WEEKS on battery WITH the light on?? Wow. Just. Wow.
  • Points for use of the word "Googliness"
  • +1
  • 8 weeks only if you use it for thirty minutes a day and with the light at almost the lowest setting.
  • I think the Fire HD and new Fire are using OMAP4460. This is a dual core 1.5GHz device with dual channel memory interface (twice the bandwidth of Tegra 3). The fire HD should be faster in most apps, except those optimized for Tegra3 (mostly games). The performance gains will probably be quite small and the different OS/applications may balance it out. The question comes down to "do you want Google or Amazon services".
  • I hate to say it but I have to wait and see if Apple indeed drops an iPad mini before I make my choice. The iPad is still the best tablet experience IMO and my iPad 1 is getting a little long in the tooth. I'll get something to replace it and I think it will be a smaller tablet but I'm not sure yet.
  • Maybe it's cause I'm so used to Android, but every time I pick up an iPad, I get lost, they really aren't as easy as everyone claims to use. I like being able to have a back button under my thumb without having to reach over the whole screen. I also like how easy it is to uninstall apps in Android, sure, you have to go into a menu, but at least if you read reviews that change your decision about an app you can uninstall it right from the same page. Only being able to go to the hometown by hitting the home button, although logical it's impractical with the awkward placing of the button.
  • iOS and Android are two different but similar OS'es. I'm happy as hell I finally switched to an SGS3 but I'm also glad that I still have my iPad as well. They both work well within their limits.
  • Nope. Not without google apps.
  • Yeah, I'd rather get a Nexus 7 if anything
  • Nope mainly because I can't....#Canada
  • Have my Nexus 7. This is a great option for anyone tied into Amazon. Or anyone that hasn't bought a tablet yet. Looks like Amazon is very serious about this. I just use the fire app on my nexus for things I bought through them. I exclusively use the play store now.
  • The new 7" isn't bad, but not really enough to get me to replace my current Fire, or even pick it over a Nexus7 though. But that HD, depending what Microsoft puts out next month (and at what price) could be tempting.
  • Good for Amazon. It's a consumption device for all of their products in a tablet form. It's "tabletish" in that it's a tablet, but locked (for the majority of users) to Amazon and they expect to make it back in purchases made using the device. I can see the use case for families and for those who are already hooked on the Amazon ecosystem. Won't give up my Nexus 7 though, but more freedom of choice for consumers isn't a bad thing. Kudos Amazon.
  • Until they unlock it and quit dithering around with their own layer of OS on top of Android, I'm not interested. It's not just becuase I like Android so much, it's really due to the fact that Amazon's OS kind of sucks. The browser is crap, it's restrictive, and it sometimes does things like make the Home button disappear when you go into a certain menu (happened to me twice last night while working on my Mom's Fire). Google's stock OS experience is MUCH better, and much more functional. They could have stuck with stock, and then locked their services into their device from there. That's a lot of theres!
  • I will add this: they did the hardware right. I'm impressed!
  • The Fire interface is designed for little kids or very dimwitted adults. It's like something you'd find on a Leapfrog. I might have considered any of these products at $100 less than they're going for. At $499, I'd get a 10.1" Android tablet with Jellybean in a heartbeat.
  • Nope. I have two Nexus 7. The Kindle Fire from last Christmas is running a Jelly Bean ROM from an xda developer so actually I may see if I can find some original Kindle Fire on the cheap now, flash JB and give em out as gifts instead.
  • You have a Nexus 7 for each hand? that's pretty awesome.
  • The hardware is cool, but I hate the UI.
  • My point exactly. (well, that and the whole "locked down" thing)
  • I already have 3 tablets. I don't need a fourth.....lol
  • The 8.9" will only be available in North America so it's a no from me
  • The UI is friendly....apps are friendly to regular users...I'm impressed. I'll probably get the 8.9" version for development (have the Nexus 7 for development already)...and that screen.
    It was a very well run event...very Apple'sque....
  • Tech savvy like us, will most likely opt for the N7, but most normal consumers will buy it. 2 reasons, 1. it has Amazon name to it and if they have the first Fire, their purchases will transfer. They won't know or care that it is Android. They will know it is Amazon. 2. The base is 159 and the highest is 300 or something. That still blows away anything from Apple and give you all the access to Amazon.
  • This will make sense for a lot of general consumers to buy, especially for the 8.9in model. For us Android nerds, I think the Nexus 7 will always win out at that size just from openness.
  • No Google Apps no buy.
  • yawn. This crap has nothing on the nexus 7. I will say 4G capability is a plus but i would exceed 250mb on the first week of the month.
  • I actually like there new ereader
  • I definitely want the HD. For that price and that screen, it's a no-brainer for me. I'll definitely be putting my Amazon Prime subscription to good use on that screen with Amazon Instant Video. Just that screen at that price sells it for me. If I want Google Apps, I still have my phone to use them. I'll just use my tablet differently than I use my phone.
  • Google will now have to drop the price of the 16GB Nexus 7 to $199 to compete and maybe introduce a 32GB $250 version which is a good thing because I prefer the unmolested Android interface and have more confidence in Google to keep the tablet up to date. 16GB is really the practical minimum for a tablet with 32GB being the sweet spot. What Amazon brings to the table that's missing from Google's Nexus 7 is an 8.9" higher resolution display which in my mind is the perfect display size for a 20oz tablet. 7" is too small for magazines and web surfing and 10" is too heavy and clumsy. What else they bring with their tight controls is what makes iPads so great - apps designed and optimized for their official screen sizes and resolutions in this case 7 and 8.9" screens. Google Play developers are forced to support a dozen or more screen sizes, shapes, and resolutions where Apple has to support one or two and they can require that the apps be optimized for their devices' sizes and resolutions and so can Amazon. It's that standardization that makes the Fire HD a viable threat to apple. Every Amazon Fire HD app will have to look and run great on the Fire HD to make it into the store. The result is that the Nexus 7 will be the techie toy of choice while the Fire HD will be the consumer tool of choice. The Nexus 7 the more wiz-bang OS and more apps overall and the Fire HD more apps that actually look and work right on the device. Since my primary uses are books, magazines, news services like Pulse News and to listen to audiobooks I'm leaning toward the 8.9" $299 Fire HD because it better meets my needs and will probably order it ASAP. But if I were looking for a tech showpiece to show off to friends I'd go with a 16GB Nexus 7. On the other hand if Google does the smart thing and introduces a $250 32GB Nexus 7 before the Fire HD ships I would probably change my mind and go with that. I just hope that there is a $350 32GB wifi-only 8.9" Fire HD on the way because that's the killer tablet. Besides I have my Galaxy S3 for my techie Android apps. Keep in mind that these are all disposable devices with a usable service life of about 2 years before the non-replaceable battery wears out - which means you'll be buying another tablet in 2 years anyway. EDIT: No GPS and the Fires are all ad-supported which really sucks but I'm still in for a 32GB WiFi-only 8.9". I'm getting it for content and entertainment and not for my inner techie - I have an Android phone for that.
  • The hardware is impressive, especially the screen on the HD, but I'm a tinkerer and not interested in Amazon's UI. This should do really well among casual users, though. Besides, I'm perfectly happy with my N7.
  • I have an ipad. Even jailbroken, it sucks. I looked at several android pads before buying the ipad. They weren't up to snuff either. I'm waiting for the W8 Microsoft pad to hit the stores. Then I'll compare what's on the market and make my decision then.
  • all get the nexus 10 inch when it comes out or if it doesent then all still go for nexus 7 with Tegra 3
  • I have a Nook Color running CM 7.2, and a $149 32GB HP Touchpad running ICS. I use the Touchpad daily. All my needs are met.
  • I'd rather have the Kobo Arc than any of the Kindles, and will take a N7 over that, so right now I'm just going to grab a Note II when available and skip the tablet all together.
  • ^^ thats exactly what im doing.
  • I'm not in the tablet market right now as I've already got a Kindle Fire, but if I were...I'd go with one of these. I actually like Amazon's services, and I use them exclusively on my Kindle Fire. I'm happy with that setup, and see no real need to change. I do want to get a "proper" Android tablet eventually, but I'm in no rush.
  • ok, read a bunch of articles but I don't see anything about GPS. The biggest question for a buyer like me is how difficult is it for me to modify it and/or side load something. For example, still need flash to watch some shows online. N7 no longer supports flash but you can side load it then use dolphin or firefox and you make it work. Or some other issues arise and you make it work by rooting (like attaching usb drive). What would that experience be like on fire HD?
  • It's an Android device. You could sideload apps with the Kindle Fire. Why wouldn't you be able to do the same with the new Kindle Fires, especially considering that you have to sideload the Amazon App Store on non-Kindle Fire devices? As for rooting, no one knows yet, but you can bet it will be done eventually. How easy it will be, though, no one knows yet.
  • meh...hardware wise there is really no huge difference between the Nexus 7, and I don't think there is GPS. Plus Amazon decided to go Nokia Maps....why? I think the old Kindle at 159.99 will sell like crazy. Not to mention Amazon just outpriced the Nexus, so when Apple shows their iPad mini...I hope they stay in the 250 range.
  • One word, "PASS"
  • the ONLY one here that hasn't been bested by an already-released product is the Kindle Fire 2 (the revamped version of the old one), and that's ONLY due to its $159 pricetag. Course, I'm still happy with my a500, and if i was going to buy a new 7" tab, it would be the Nexus 7 - i mean, its only $40 more, and is a freakin tegra 3 nexus!
  • Something about this man and the services Amazon offer us made me look up another great film on IMDb "Soylent Green". What are we ACTUALLY buying here?
  • It's funny how some people are comparing this to the Nexus 7, and saying that it's a flop because of the specs. So what if it's locked down? Most people buying into Amazon's offerings don't care about specs or Jellybean. And I know quite a few people who buy these tablets for their kids, because they don't want to pay the money for an iPad. I highly doubt the kids care how buttery smooth Jellybean is, or if a tablet is dual core or quad core. The Kindle Fire is an experience more than a tablet, the reason for the locked down UI. You can't offer an experience without some sort of skin over stock Android. So, a tablet like this would not be for hackers or those that prefer Nexus devices. Just sayin... tired of seeing the same old complaints when people know the reasons why
  • I won't be getting one but I am happy that Amazon has made the tablet space more interesting. With hardware like this and the N7 ( and their price points) the iPad Mini will be given a run for its money.
  • As a lot of people have already said... NO! I already have the N7 which I'm SUPER happy with.
  • supporting google on this one besides thanks to them we have more choices
    i feel like amazon is biting the hand that feeds them since google is the maker of android, amazon should allow people to acces google play with out having to root the device , just like google does all the way android only from google
  • No tablet is worth the ads pushed to the lock screen and home screen. Unless you just have to have the amazon video player, there is another option at every price point that is as good or better. Won't be recommending any of these to anyone. Kindle Fire 2? Nope, get a nexus 7. Kindle Fire HD? How about a Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab. Kindle Fire HD 8.9? Nope, transformer infinity, iPad, transformer tF300, choices are infinite and none make you deal with ads on a device you already paid for.
  • Still on the fence but the 8.9" HD has me tempted.
  • Why would I buy an Android-esque device that will lock me out of Google Play Store and flood me with ads whenever I need to unlock the device??? Amazon is plain ridiculous!