Polaroid iM1836

The last time we laid eyes on the Polaroid iM1836 it was at CES in January with some non-working demo units, but now you can actually plunk down some cash for one at retailers. The entry-level Micro 4/3 camera is coming in at just $299 with a 10-30mm kit lens, $50 less than was expected based on its initial launch details.

For that price you're getting the aforementioned kit lens, along with a glossy plastic body, an 18.1MP sensor, basic controls and a 3.5-inch touchscreen. That screen will give you access to Android 4.1 running on this device, which should open up the possibilities of sharing and photo creation. The iM1836 also has Bluetooth and Wifi, naturally, giving you access to Google Play to download apps but also to transfer images between the camera and your phone.

On the optical side, Polaroid is claiming "DSLR quality," but at this price point we're not so certain how much it can offer. Specs say it can offer 1080p video, which is nice, but on stills the iM1836 only offers up to ISO 3200 which gives you an indication of the quality of the sensor — and for what it's worth Polaroid isn't being too specific about the detailed specs. Because it is built on the Micro 4/3 format, the possibilities of using a vast range of higher-quality lenses may increase what this camera is capable of.

If you're willing to spend the $299 and give this one a shot, Amazon is listing the camera now with a shipping time of "2 to 5 weeks," and Polaroid says that it will also be making its way to Walmart stores as well.

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Source: Polaroid (PRNewswire)

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