Pokémon Go master getting free global trip to catch 'em all

Nick Johnson, the first person to catch all 142 known Pokémon in America in Pokémon Go, is getting a free trip around the world to complete his collection. The trip, sponsored by Expedia and Marriott Rewards, will see Johnson head to locations such as Paris, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

From Business Insider:

First, Johnson and his girlfriend will fly to Paris on Friday evening, with flights covered by Expedia, to catch Europe's exclusive Mr. Mime. A day later, they'll take off for Hong Kong in search of Farfetch'd, and then a day after that it's off to Sydney for two days to catch Australia's Kangaskhan.

Johnson says that he won't be using Pokémon Go mapping apps to help him find each remaining creature. He'll instead rely on each city's Pokémon Go player community. If you want to follow along, Johnson will be writing up his experiences in each city for Expedia's Viewfinder (opens in new tab) blog, while also posting updates to Twitter and Snapchat.

Joseph Keller
  • That's cool! Lucky, I mean him and his girlfriend are lucky.
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  • That's so dope! Congrats to that kid! Or adult or whatever lol Posted via LG H815
  • What a great example! Hey kids, if you use a bot to CHEAT (http://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-go-player-hits-level-cap-heres-...) people will shower you with praise and give you trips around the world! Honesty and hard work are for suckers and losers, never forget that. /s Posted via the Android Central App
  • Except you are confusing two different stories. The one you linked to did indeed use a bot. The one in this story - which happened 5 days ago I might add, was talked about in this article: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-go-player-has-caught-every-avai... If you are going to criticize someone for cheating maybe make sure you are talking about the right person.
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  • Pretty nice, especially if you're his girlfriend! Although there's a small part of me that would find it amusing if he couldn't find the unique ones... Still can't believe ours is bloody Mr mime! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Who ever said playing Pokemon Go wouldn't amount him to anything, huh? :P
  • Oh crap, now he needs to find a girlfriend.
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  • He already has a girlfriend Posted from my Moto X 2nd gen and my Nexus 9 both on Android Marshmallow
  • If he had one, he would never catch them all :)
  • Says in the article he has one.... "First, Johnson and his girlfriend"
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  • Nice come up for him. Sent from my Sony Xperia XA
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  • Expedia & Marriott saw an opportunity for a publicity stunt
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  • Has this game not jumped the shark yet? It should be in the likes as words with friends, angry birds, etc in a few months... Nintendo investors may want to dump it while it's hot.
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  • That's one lucky SOB.