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Android Central Podcast Episode 52

Tablets, tablets, tablets

  • iPad 2 versus Honeycomb (and others)!
  • Motorola Xoom torn down, shows all for the world to see
  • Get LTE on your Motorola Xoom in one week, and a dozen or so easy steps
  • Samsung asks: What's your Tab life?; next 'Unpacked' event at CTIA
  • Sam's Club prepping to sell Wifi-only version of Xoom with 'Homeycomb'
  • European Xoom will have Flash at launch in the first week of April

Tablet software

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  • Commenting on the Xoom battery, it's has to be two 3250mAH in series, it's been confirmed that it is a 24.1WH battery, which at 3.7V comes out to about 6500mAH.
  • Phew. I wasn't going anywhere near posting my math publicly, but that's what I got, too. :p
  • When you were talking about Apple comparing the number of apps, I felt Apple was very misleading and disingenuous. Keep in mind that he was comparing the number of apps from one device that has been out for more than a year to a device that has been out less than a week. Of coarse the ipad has more apps, its been here 51 weeks longer. Shame on you Apple :(
  • I have a droid x and it is frustrating sitting here as all other phones and new devices are being upgraded to the android 2.3 and nothing has been said, not even a possible date for the the X's are going to be upgraded. Any news on this front?