Android Central 115: On the eve of the new Nexus

Thing 1: Even more Nexus news

  • LG Nexus 4 review
  • The case for an on-contract T-Mobile Nexus 4
  • The Nexus Phone family: Four generations of Android
  • 'Adamantium, unobtanium, and the pelt of a liger'
  • Ask AC: Does the Nexus 4 work with the Palm Touchstone charger?
  • How-To unlock the Nexus 4 bootloader
  • How to enable developer settings on Android 4.2
  • Nexus 4 unboxing
  • Android 4.2 brings new security features to scan sideloaded apps
  • Inside Android 4.2: Notifications and quick settings
  • Inside Android 4.2: The new clock app
  • Google has no plans to sell the Nexus 4 in Taiwan
  • Spanish retailer suspends plans to sell LG Nexus 4 on grounds of pricing
  • Check out 24 of the best Photo Sphere shots so far

Thing 2: HTC's still around

  • HTC One X+ review
  • HTC Sense 4+ video walkthrough
  • Verizon HTC Droid DNA press render leaks
  • HTC and Verizon hooking up Nov. 13 in NYC
  • Verizon sales staff start talking internally about HTC Droid DNA
  • Verizon HTC DLX (Droid DNA) makes appearance at FCC
  • HTC October 2012 financials make for troubling reading
Phil Nickinson