Plague Inc

New diseases and gameplay modes to keep the game fresh

A new mutation (update, if you prefer) to Plague Inc. is now available, bringing new gameplay modes and features. You can now experiment with real life diseases of all kinds in 14 new gameplay modes, opening the door to new strategies to infect the entire globe. Above all other diseases the Black Death may be the most interesting, and it's available in the latest version.

You can also see how your diseases would change the world if it was also undergoing another worldwide event, such as a mini ice age or a financial crisis. Just more variables to take into account when playing the game if you so choose.

The latest version of Plague Inc. is available from the Play Store link above. The game is free with one scenario also being free — additional scenarios can be purchased for $0.99 each, or $2.99 for the whole lot. Those who have played Plague Inc. a lot will no doubt say it's worth the money.