Google Pixel 4a leaked renderSource: 91Mobiles / @OnLeaks

What you need to know

  • Google's Pixel 4a has leaked in live images.
  • The new images show up the Pixel 4a's pinhole camera, fingerprint sensor, and camera bump.
  • They also show off its new fabric case.

Google's Pixel 4a has leaked onto the internet again, this time, it's posing for the camera. In a series of images originally posted on reddit as screenshots from a private Facebook group, we catch our first glimpse of Google's 2020 midrange handset alongside the accompanying fabric case.

As a caveat, it is worth noting that while the image is from a source that's not one of the usual ones, it does look like a legitimate photo with no markings or distortions that out it as a photoshop, mockup, or other fabrication at this point in time.

When we look at the pictures, there are few surprises here. In other words, it looks just like we'd expected. The squared-off camera bump from the Pixel 4 is here, and we have the borderless screen and pin-hole camera as well. The headphone jack makes its glorious return, and Google's fabric case is apparently returning as well.

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In terms of specs, Google's Pixel 4a is expected to be much like the 3a, a pared-down version of its larger sibling. There's a Snapdragon 730 processor on board, and Google might stick with its stingy 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage combination. Pricing is also expected to remain around the same, with Google either pulling the Pixel 3a series or dropping its already attractive pricing.

Google's Pixel 4a is due for release sometime around the time of the now digital-only I/O later this year. It will likely be announced via a blog post or something similar.

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