Google Pixel 4a leaked renderSource: 91Mobiles / @OnLeaks

What you need to know

  • The Pixel 4a will most likely launch in early June.
  • It was previously thought to launch in May, coinciding with Google I/O.
  • The cancellation of Google I/O and the June 3rd Android 11 public beta launch means a June launch of the phone was already more likely.

We've seen renders, specs, live photos, packaging, and even a full camera review. The only thing missing is the actual phone. Earlier rumors indicated that it would be arriving soon, with a mid-May launch followed by a late May shipping date, but those have now changed. Tech blog Caschys (via Android Police) which earlier reported a shipping date of May 22nd as per Vodafone Germany's systems now report an altered June 5th shipping date for the Pixel 4a from the same source. In other words, Vodafone's first Pixel 4a shipments will now be delayed by about two weeks.

While there's no official reason given for the date change as it really is only between Google and its partners, the rationale behind the timing seems obvious. The initial May 22nd shipping date would have fallen just after Google I/O was set to be held. With Google I/O now canceled, the next relevant Google event would be the Android 11 stream/public beta launch, taking place on June 3rd.

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It makes a lot more sense for Google to time its Pixel 4a release then, pairing the launch of Android 11 with an Android-11 capable phone. The company will be able to debut features coming to its devices and hen have something tangible to show off with a shipping date of a matter of days. Again, it's all rumors and speculation borne from rumors but that now seems to be the most likely option going forward.

Google Pixel 4a: News, Leaks, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors!

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