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  • The Pixel 3a is the best selling unlocked phone on Amazon in America.
  • Other brands in the top ten include Samsung, BLU, Xiaomi, and renewed Apple phones.
  • Sales for flagships have been declining while sales for entry-level and mid-range phones have been steady.

Google appears to have a hit on its hands, that's if the Amazon store ranking is anything to go by. Currently, the Pixel 3a is the best selling unlocked phone on Amazon in America.

Who would have thought users wanted an affordable phone with up to date software and a great camera? Apparently, Google thought so, and it was not wrong.

Sales of premium smartphones have struggled over the past few years, with most new phones sold being from the entry-level or mid-range sector. Google itself noted this during its first-quarter earnings call after being faced with disappointing sales of the Pixel 3.

Google isn't the only one shifting focus to mid-range phones, though. Samsung has also begun putting more emphasis on these devices; In the past year, it has killed off the J series of phones and started putting new features into the Galaxy A lineup.

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In fact, the second-best selling unlocked phone on Amazon at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy A10. The rest of the top ten is rounded out by brands such as BLU, Xiaomi, and renewed Apple phones.

While it is still early on, it's quite impressive that the Pixel 3a has skyrocketed to number one so quickly — especially when you consider that Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi are some of the biggest players in smartphones. According to IDC stats, all three of them hold nearly 45% of the market.

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