Chris Lacy's Action Launcher is one of the most popular launchers on the Google Play Store, and with the app's latest v30 update, it's gaining even more Pixel 2-esque features to help make your home screen look as great as possible.

As you can tell by the title, the biggest addition here is the new At a Glance widget that Google introduced with the Pixel 2. The At a Glance widget shows the current date, weather conditions, and any upcoming calendar appointments in a sleek and attractive package. It looks exactly how it does on the Pixel 2, and it's a great way to quickly make your phone look a lot like Google's latest.

However, the At a Glance widget isn't the only goodie included with this latest update. The last v29 update gave users the ability to move Action Launcher's Quickbar below the dock, and v30 introduces some wild customization controls for it. There's a new icon editor that allows you to change the appearance of individual icons on the Quickbar, and the number of options present here is insane.

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The dock search bar has also been tweaked to more accurately match its size on the Pixel Launcher, Action Launcher's compatibility with the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 has been "improved markedly", and there are also 250 new icons for Chris Lacy's AdaptivePack icon pack.

Action Launcher's v30 update is available in the Google Play store now, and you can download it here.

Action Launcher gains Pixel 2-style search bar with latest update