Pistol Whip's latest update, Full Throttle, is Mad Max-inspired insanity

Pistol Whip Full Throttle Update
Pistol Whip Full Throttle Update (Image credit: Cloudhead Games)

What you need to know

  • Full Throttle is the 13th scene for Pistol Whip and features increased difficulty over past scenes.
  • Scene Events are a new type of scripted even in Pistol Whip that future levels will be able to take advantage of.
  • Two new modifiers, three new guns, as well as new skins and metal are also making an appearance in this update.
  • Full Throttle will be featured in the upcoming Pistol Whip tournament.

A brand new scene is making its debut in the March update of Pistol Whip, and it's the most difficult scene yet to grace the theater walls in Pistol Whip. Lucky scene number 13 is entitled Full Throttle and takes some heavy inspiration from the Mad Max series; maybe a timely release given the current bleak times we live in. Full Throttle throws players into the desert amidst vehicular mayhem with the patented formula of shooting, dodging, and pistol-whipping any opponent that gets in their way.

But Full Throttle isn't just the most difficult scene Cloudhead Games has ever made for Pistol Whip, it's also the first scene to incorporate "scene events", which Cloudhead games describes as "a new way for us to add synchronized animations to scenes for spectacular flair." Aside from the brilliant new scene, Pistol Whip players can now utilize two new modifiers, Scavenger and One-and-Done, to change up the gameplay and make things more challenging for those returning playthroughs.

The first, One-and-Done, makes things a bit easier on players by turning all enemies into one-shot kills, including enemies with armor. Scavenger, on the other hand, turns the tides and makes things a lot harder for players by requiring a pistol whip to reload. That means unless you're good at melee-killing enemies, you'll be running out of bullets in no time flat. The idea here is that pistol-whipping an enemy steals their ammo, helping better fill out the concept for the bonus points you get when pistol-whipping an enemy.

Lastly is the new Tac-Ops weapon collection, which adds three new pistols to the game. Pistols have always been cosmetic in Pistol Whip, and that doesn't change here, with five new wraps for guns, three new colors, and three new metals, including gold. There's even a new slappy sound effects option that's inspired by the pistol in Half-Life 2.

Full Throttle is the second update after Cloudhead Games announced they'd be delivering monthly updates for their best-selling VR title. There are two more free updates scheduled, one in April, and the last one in May. Presumably, after May, updates will be a paid-DLC type of program but no details have been announced regarding updates past May. Full Throttle will be making its way to this weekend's $10,000 prize-packed Pistol Whip tournament, which you can still sign up for and take part in at home.

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