Moto G 2014 and Moto G 2015

In addition to some updated specs, the 2015 Moto G has a bit of a new look to it. If you were a bit bored by last year's matte black finish (and ignored the fact that there were other shells you could purchase), well, things are looking up this time around.

Both phones keep the same shape, of course. A slab is a slab is a slab, especially if you're talking about a $200 slab. But the band connecting the camera to the dimple adds a little bit of flair, as does the texture of the swappable back. Again, nothing too fancy, but just a little more over last year. As far as the front of the phones go, you're basically looking at the same thing.

One of the more important improvements actually can't be seen until you pop off that rear cover. Check out the rubber gasket around the SIM and SD card slots — that's what really makes this thing water resistant.