What carriers will the Nothing phone (1) be available on?

Nothing phone (1) review
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What carriers will the Nothing phone (1) be available on?

Officially, the Nothing phone (1) will not be available on any U.S. carriers since the phone isn't coming to the region. Unofficial variants may work on select carriers.

Understanding the Nothing phone (1)'s compatible carriers

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The Nothing phone (1) is officially out now, but unfortunately, it is not coming to the U.S. region. This means that you won't be able to buy the swanky new smartphone from any American carrier, whether it's a locked or an unlocked variant. Of course, unofficial models might make their way to the U.S. market. If you do get your hands on one, you'll have to do your homework about the best compatible telecommunication operator.

In a statement made to PCMag, Nothing confirmed that it is a lot of work to get a new smartphone supported by a nation's cellular networks. There are many excellent cell phone plans in the U.S., but you can't use them all on the Nothing phone (1). 

You'll still be able to use the phone (1) in the U.S., but the quality of coverage will be poor on T-Mobile. Meanwhile, AT&T users will only be able to access limited voice capabilities. For other networks, you'll have to call and check compatibility with your individual provider.

Across the pond, customers in the UK and Europe can grab the Nothing phone (1) from many local carriers. For instance, the British telecom operator O2 is already offering the phone (1) with various cell phone plans to choose from. You won't have to suffer bad network coverage as Nothing has launched its brand new Android phone officially in those areas.

All isn't lost as Nothing has said that the brand is working on bringing the phone (1) to North America. A customer was recently redirected to the U.S. store when attempting to reach the European Nothing website, leading many to believe that an American launch might not be too far off after all. Nothing has neither confirmed nor denied such possibilities, leaving us in the dark for now.

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