The Honor Magic 6 Pro and Magic V2 are joining the Android 15 beta program

The back of the Honor Magic 6 Pro on a tea table
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What you need to know

  • Honor has launched a limited public beta test for Android 15, starting with the Magic 6 Pro and Magic V2.
  • This release coincides with Google's second Android 15 beta for Pixel phones, and Honor is one of the manufacturers participating.
  • Unlike the Pixel phones, the Honor devices are currently receiving the first beta version of Android 15, not the second.

Honor has kicked off its limited public beta testing for Android 15, beginning with the Honor Magic 6 Pro and Magic V2.

Today's announcement lines up with the launch of the second Android 15 beta for Google Pixel phones. Google also revealed that other manufacturers, including Honor, are joining the Android 15 beta program.

However, the Honor Magic 6 Pro and Magic V2 aren't receiving Android 15 Beta 2 just yet. Instead, Honor is releasing the first beta version to these devices, with developers having access to the update since May 10.

The Android 15 beta release is happening about a month after Honor started looking for testers for the Android 14 beta program on its Magic V2.

Even though the Magic 6 Pro and Magic V2 launched close together, they started on different Android versions. The former shipped with Android 14 out of the box, while the newer foldable came with Android 15 pre-loaded. This means the Magic 6 Pro is getting its first taste of Android 15 with this beta, while the V2 is getting its second update. That said, both phones get four major MagicOS updates in the end.

Android 15 is all about putting you in charge and keeping your data safe. The latest release includes an SDK sandbox feature, which restricts ad services in a "sandbox," so they're unable to reach your private information.

Additionally, Android 15 gives you a new control panel for your privacy settings, where you can see exactly what's going on and make sure your data stays under wraps.

Honor Android 15 beta program

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Honor conducting trials for a major update is a promising indicator that its phones will have solid firmware support moving forward. Generally, you want these firmware updates to ensure your phone remains compatible with the latest apps and security features.

For the time being, the Android 15 beta program for the Magic 6 Pro and Magic V2 is closed to the public and is only for developers. Honor will keep giving developers support as it releases the next update to the Android 15 beta program later this summer.

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