TCL is bringing its innovative NXTPAPER tech to more phones and tablets

TCL 50 Series
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TCL showed off the latest version of its NXTPAPER display technology at CES 2024. Dubbed NXTPAPER 3.0, the tech blocks up to 61% blue light while still delivering sharp images with good contrast and vibrant colors. Debuting this time is a CPL (Circularly Polarized Light) screen, which mimics a paper-like appearance that's designed for eye comfort.

The tech works with an increased range of refresh rates, and has DC dimming that's aimed at those with PWM sensitivity. Also new is an RGB sensor that automatically adjusts color temperature according to time of day and ambient light. Devices that come with the tech will now have three modes available: a default mode that filters blue light, a low-contrast color mode that's great for reading comics, and a black-and-white mode that mimics the feel of an e-ink panel.

TCL Tab 10

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As for the devices that utilize the tech, TCL is rolling out the NXTPAPER 14 Pro, a 14-inch tablet with a 2.8K screen, Dimensity 8020, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and a 12000mAh battery. It's joined by the TCL TAB 10 NXTPAPER 5G, a 10-inch tablet with a QHD panel, 5G connectivity, and lightweight design.

When it comes to phones, TCL is readying the TCL 50 XL NXTPAPER 5G and TCL 50 XE NXTPAPER 5G, both of which will be available in the U.S. TCL also has other models in the 50 series — there are seven phones in total — and in addition to the two NXTPAPER devices, the TCL 50 XL 5G, TCL 50 XE 5G, and TCL 50 LE are launching Stateside.

TCL didn't reveal much regarding the hardware, but the TCL 50 XL 5G has a 6.9-inch 120Hz panel, 8GB of RAM, and 5010mAh battery. The TCL 50 XE 5G and 50 LE are aimed at the budget segment, and sport 6.9-inch 720p 90Hz screens. TCL hasn't divulged availability details, but we should know more over the coming months as these devices start making their way to the U.S.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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  • Daniel Gomes
    My biggest issue with TCL is that they give ZERO android updates or security updates. I bought my wife the TCL 30 and it'd never had a single update of any kind in the last year since she got it. Nothing. Not a security update, not an OS update, nada. I wouldn't buy one again.