Samsung reportedly exceeds Apple with 73 million shipments for Q1 2022

Wider view of back of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
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What you need to know

  • Samsung beats Apple in terms of sold shipments for Q1, 2022.
  • An analysis report on different vendors and global smartphone shipments reveals crucial data.
  • Statistics show Samsung has shipped 73.6 million units surpassing Apple.

The tug of war between Samsung and Apple is widely popular on any given day. It is always about the phones they sell, their market share, the quality of products including cameras, and so on. It usually happens throughout the year in every single quarter. In Q1 2022, Samsung has reportedly taken over Apple in terms of global shipments of its products. 

A recent analysis conducted by Bankless Times brings in some facts and numbers between conglomerates: Samsung and Apple. The data provided in the current report comprises exploration of different vendors and shares of global market shipments done by the firm.

It encountered that Samsung supplied 73.6 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2022. Whereas the nearest competitor, Apple settled at 56 million global unit shipments. This made Samsung attain a global market share of 23.4%.

Going by the actual figures from the report: Samsung has achieved a 23.4% market share, followed by Apple at 18%. However, the report indicates Apple has managed to get a 2.2% increase when compared year-over-year (YoY). Apple is also said to be the only manufacturer that has seen positive growth. 

Meanwhile, Xiaomi is in the third position (which has shipped 39.9 million units) with a 12.7% market share, followed by OPPO and Vivo. The report further indicates Xiaomi has dipped 18% in the market share when compared YoY. OPPO and Vivo are also alleged to have experienced sharp drops in market share (YoY).

This year, Samsung produced some of the best Android smartphones, with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra taking the top spot as the best-selling model. Samsung is said to have reached this point with its creative and innovative products. Next, it gave users several options from low- to mid-tier models, suggests Jonathan Merry, CEO of Bankless Times.

"Samsung is renowned for creating attractive and innovative products that meet consumer needs."

"It has established a leadership position in the smartphone market due to its long-term strategy focusing on low and mid-tier models. In addition, its focus on end-user experience allows it to deliver a wide range of differentiated products generating significant volumes."

The Bankless Times also shares some statistics from IDC (International Data Corporation) addressing an overall shrink in global market shipments of smartphones for Q1, 2022. The IDC stats reveal smartphones have seen a nearly 8.9% drop in smartphone shipments YoY for the first quarter. And, it is evidently the third consecutive quarter considering the previous has also taken a hit.

According to Nabila Popal, research director at IDC, one of the fundamental reasons for the fall in global shipments is the present constraints of essential phone components. She further adds global inflation, next to economic uncertainties, has decreased demand for smartphones, especially in countries like China. And the recent Russia-Ukraine war is also said to have made manufacturers rethink their growth plans for later this year.

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