Samsung's $200 credit isn't enough to get some fans to reserve its next Galaxy devices

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What you need to know

  • Samsung has opened reservations for its next Galaxy devices that will be announced on August 10.
  • We asked our readers if they were reserving any of Samsung's upcoming devices.
  • Of the votes, nearly 40% said they're passing on reserving the new devices, while almost 30% say they're reserving the phones.
  • Samsung is giving up to $200 in credit for reserving its devices.

With Samsung gearing up for its Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10, the company has opened up reservations for its upcoming devices. Samsung has not yet divulged details about these devices, but we can surmise that there will be foldables, smartwatches, and earbuds.

We asked our readers if they were reserving any of Samsung's upcoming devices and which ones they were interested in. Nearly 40% of voters said they'd pass on reserving Samsung's devices, thus, missing out on the $200 credit. However, almost 30% said they were reserving the phones, which would provide the most credit per individual device. There were more than 18% that were still on the fence.

Poll responses for users reserving upcoming Galaxy devices

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One reader, Benjamin Jagun, was very adamant about not wanting another Samsung smartphone and holding out for Google devices like the upcoming Pixel Watch:

"I'm not getting another Samsung EVER again, they're so overrated, I'd sooner buy an iPhone over Samsung, my next Android phone and watch will be made by Google."

Another reader, Jonathan Monestel, also hasn't been impressed with newer Galaxy smartphones, complaining that the company seems more focused on removing features than innovating:

"I won't get any more samsung phones. S21 ultra here and over new phones they lack innovation or upgrader features, plus several others fail. Camera still needs a lot of improvement and sensors fail too."

Other readers echo these sentiments, saying that Samsung doesn't give users much reason to upgrade, with one even complaining about the rumored removal of the rotating bezel with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5.

Samsung recently boasted about foldable phone sales, saying the industry shipped roughly 10 million foldables in 2021. The company is also excited about its upcoming foldable launch, although rumors speculate that the phones won't be too different from their predecessors.

If you're still interested in reserving one of Samsung's devices and getting up to $200 in Samsung Credit, you can check out the link below and sign up.

Get up to $200 off upcoming Samsung preorders

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Merely registering interest for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy smartphone, Watch, or Buds can get you up to $200 off if you decide to go ahead and preorder after the new lineup is announced on August 10.

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