Samsung may stuff the Galaxy S24 with a bigger battery

Back view of Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus on white background
(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A photo of the alleged Galaxy S24 battery has been leaked.
  • Samsung will apparently outfit the Galaxy S24 with a 4000mAh battery, 100mAh more than its predecessor.
  • The Galaxy S24 will likely launch in early 2024 with a new Snapdragon chipset.

Last year's Galaxy S23 was a significant improvement over its predecessor in the battery department thanks to the larger battery capacity. With the upcoming Galaxy S24, it seems Samsung may be interested in further improving the battery life on its smallest flagship.

An image posted by GalaxyClub reveals what is allegedly the battery for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S24. While the details are quite difficult to read on the fairly low-resolution image, the publication claims that Samsung will squeeze a larger 4000mAh battery into the base S24.

The Galaxy S24 battery

(Image credit: GalaxyClub)

If this is true, that would represent a 100mAh increase over its predecessor while also returning to the same capacity as the Galaxy S21. It's not clear how this will translate in real-life use, but in my Galaxy S23 review, I note how the increased capacity resulted in a huge improvement from the Galaxy S22. That was a difference of 200mAh, so the change may not be as dramatic, but every bit helps.

Of course, the phone is also expected to run a new Snapdragon chipset, which should bring additional efficiency improvements to make the battery last even longer. We won't have any official details on that chip until later this year, as it's expected to launch at the upcoming Snapdragon Summit.

According to previous leaks, the S24 Plus will also receive a larger 4900mAh battery, while the S24 Ultra is slated to retain the 5000mAh capacity as its predecessor.

The question that remains is whether Samsung will keep the same charging speeds with next year's flagships. The base model typically gets 25W wired charging, while the larger two models get 45W. Many of the best Android phones outside Samsung's devices have faster charging speeds, particularly if you look at Motorola or OnePlus phones.

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