Nothing Phone's 2023 sustainability report highlights the end of PVC

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What you need to know

  • Nothing published its Phone 2a sustainability report alongside its 2023 report for its devices.
  • The company states the Phone 2a features almost 50 parts made from "bio-based and recycled materials" with a lower 52kg CO2e carbon footprint.
  • Elsewhere, Nothing reports that it has moved to remove the usage of PVC and brominated flame retardants in all of its products.

Nothing is detailing its 2023 sustainability report, offering insight into how it worked to reduce its carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly.

The company has published reports for its lower-cost Nothing Phone 2a and its overall outlook from the previous year (via Android Police). For the Phone 2a, Nothing states that 46 of the device's parts contain "bio-based and recycled materials" such as plastic, aluminum steel, tin, and copper. As such, the company reduced its carbon footprint through the Phone 2a to 52kg CO2e.

The Phone 2a's packaging is another area that is seeing eco-friendly changes, as the report states it's plastic-free. Nothing adds that 60% of its Phone 2a packaging is derived from "recycled sources."

The phone's packaging utilizes "special links" during its printing to avoid lamination. Additionally, the company avoided your typical plastic adhesives in favor of paper-based alternatives.

Nothing offered a few key highlights about its 2023 report, stating that 20% of its flagship Phone 2 comprises recycled materials. Throughout its lifecycle, Nothing states this has helped the Phone 2 achieve an 8.6% lower carbon footprint over the Phone 1 at 53.45 kg CO2e.

Another major takeaway is that Nothing reports that it has removed the use of PVC in available products alongside brominated flame retardants (BFR). The report continues, stating that PVC endangers the health of humans and the environment throughout its lifecycle from creation to disposal. Nothing has reportedly worked since 2022 to eliminate PVC from its products, as it's a common material for wrapping wires in cables.

Nothing details the amount of recycled material within the Phone (2).

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Nothing got candid about its endeavors into a more environmentally-focused mindset last year in May. The Phone 2's carbon footprint reduction was labeled as a "significant achievement" considering the performance boosts Nothing provided. Elsewhere, the company stated that the device's mid-frame is made out of 100% recycled aluminum with 100% recycled copper making up its main circuit board.

Even the Phone 2's packaging cut back on harmful materials as Nothing highlighted its usage of over 60% FSC Mix-certified recycled fiber. The company also announced its partnership with the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) and the IRMA to continue on a path that's safer for the environment.

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