The latest Pixel At a Glance features are arriving for more users

The Pixel 6 Pro At a Glance widget displaying connected devices
(Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google previously teased new features arriving for the Pixel At a Glance widget.
  • Some users already received some features such as Earthquake alerts.
  • More Pixel users have begun receiving the latest At a Glance features, including Safety check and Connected devices.

Pixel owners are receiving a few new features for the At a Glance widget. These features were previously announced with the March 2022 Feature Drop, alongside a new battery widget and more.

While some users were sporadically receiving earthquake alerts and "Safety check" features on their Pixel devices, they didn't show up for everyone. However, it appears more users are receiving the alerts (per 9to5Google), along with the new "Connected devices" feature.

A cursory glance at my Pixel 6 Pro indeed shows that these features are now live. Each new feature shows up in the At a Glance settings. As a quick refresher, Safety check connects to the Personal Safety app and will display the countdown on the At a Glance widget when you turn the feature on. Earthquake alerts will notify you when an earthquake larger than magnitude 4.5 is detected nearby. The Connected devices feature shows the connection status and battery percentage for Bluetooth devices.

The Pixel At a Glance settings and connected devices

The Pixel At a Glance settings and Connected devices feature alongside the new battery widget. (Image credit: Android Central)

Alas, when connected to the Galaxy Buds 2, the At a Glance widget on my device shows that the earbuds are connected and displays their battery percentage. I have not had a chance to test out Earthquake alerts, although living in Seattle, it's only a matter of time. I also haven't managed to make the Safety check countdown work but will continue to test the feature.

Some users have reportedly started receiving the Doorbell feature, which displays some of the best video doorbells that support Google Assistant when someone's at the door. It's also unclear if holiday alerts are available, a feature that will remind you to turn off alarms if there's an upcoming holiday (for those of you that could use the extra time to sleep in).

Still, it's nice to see Google making Pixel At a Glance more informative and helpful, especially for users like myself that may not have found the widget to be as useful as it could be.

Derrek Lee
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