Is the Pixel Fold water or dust-proof?

Google Pixel Fold
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Is the Pixel Fold water or dust-proof?

Best answer: Yes! The new Pixel Fold foldable smartphone from Google meets the IPX8 water resistance rating, which technically means that it could be submerged in fresh water for up to 30 minutes, under specific conditions. In other words, you can safely go for a dunk in the pool (no salt water and be mindful of chlorine), run in the rain, or keep it in your pocket while you ski, and it will be fine. An accidental drop in the toilet is no match for the device either. There’s no data for dust protection, however.

How durable is the Pixel Fold?

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The Google Pixel Fold is not only waterproof, it’s also quite durable. It unfolds to a larger 7.6-inch screen size using the durable hinge that Google says has been tested by the company for ultra-durability. This includes folding and unfolding as well as drop tests. (Note that it isn’t technically drop-proof, so you’ll want to handle it with care or opt for a protective case for added peace of mind). 

An IPX8 rating, which the Google Pixel Fold meets, stands for ingress protection and relates to how much protection is provided for the electrical equipment when exposed to water as well as dust and debris. The number “8” pertains to the waterproof rating, and it’s the highest level on the scale. Keep in mind, however, that waterproof ratings relate to fresh water sources, like your shower or the rain. If you plan to snap photos in the pool or ocean, you need to keep in mind that chlorine and salt water can damage the device, or any other electronic device, for that matter. 

The “X,” meanwhile, relates to dust and fingerprints. Since there’s no number, it means Google does not have testing details for this specific factor. Thus, there’s no confirmation that the device is resistant to dust and debris, though you’re safe to assume that it’s comparable in that respect to other smartphones in its class. 

In other words, the Pixel Fold might attract some dust, but a periodic wipedown of the screen and surface can help keep that at bay. You can also, as noted, choose from among the best cases for the Pixel Fold to protect it right away. 

Despite the hinge and the ultra-thin design, the Google Pixel Fold foldable phone still maintains premium features inside, including a high-end camera, speakers, haptics technology, Google’s Tensor G2 chip, and a long-lasting battery.

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