Hands-on video shows LG's dead Rollable phone

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A previous version of this article included the video that has been mentioned in this article. The video has been removed from YouTube. 

What you need to know

  • A YouTube Short appeared showing off the old proposed LG Rollable in action.
  • We are able to see how the rolling function would've worked.
  • The video also shows how the UI would've changed as it rolled out.

A new video has surfaced about the old proposed LG Rollable. The short video gives us a hands-on view of how the phone could've worked in our hands if the device released.

The video was uploaded as a YouTube Short and it shows the phone in action along with some interesting bits about its functionality. The rollable phone, in its normal state, would have a toolbar on its right side. As the video plays, we see the person tapping "Full" at the top of the bar. This initiates the phone's rolling feature, allowing it to expand out almost like a mini-tablet. It is worth noticing how the phone's UI would've changed depending on its rolled state. As a normal phone, everything looks as it does today. But as it expands so would the top information bar and home buttons to the bottom.

LG had first given a look at this rollable phone at CES 2021. It was quite a surprise as people were given a look at this phone with a "unique resizable screen." At the time, there were rumors that LG would've been the first company to produce such a phone. Sightings back in 2021 about LG's Rollable Android phone even showed it on the Bluetooth SIG certification website.

This video, and these old memories about its rumors, remind us that we've said goodbye to LG in the smartphone business. While it probably would've been an interesting phone to have widespread in consumer's hands, we'll just have to deal with the scraps of what could've been.

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