Google Pixel 6a fingerprint sensor problems persist after launch

Fingerprint sensor on the Google Pixel 6a
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • More security issues regarding the Pixel 6a's fingerprint sensor have surfaced following its market release.
  • Some users report that the phone can recognize fingerprints that have not previously been scanned.
  • However, because only a few cases have been reported, the problem may be isolated.

The Pixel 6a, like the flagship Google Pixel 6 series, appears to be experiencing its own share of issues just a few days after its market release.

While the Google Pixel 6a hit store shelves last week with a slight improvement in its under-display fingerprint sensor compared to its more expensive siblings, a potential security flaw seems to be haunting the device. Several Reddit users reported that their devices recognized unregistered fingerprints (via 9to5Google).

The issue began even before Google released the phone to the public, with some reviewers observing successful attempts to unlock the device using an unregistered fingerprint. The same security issue now appears to be rearing its ugly head for consumers who have already received their units.

On Reddit, one user claimed that holding their index finger on the scanner unlocked their Pixel 6a even though only both of their thumbs were registered. The problem appeared for a few more users, who shared their stories in the comments section.

Android Central has reached out to Google for comment, but we have yet to receive a response.

Nonetheless, the problem appears to be an isolated case. As 9to5Google noted, the issue did not affect any of the four Pixel 6a units it checked. It's unclear how widespread this issue is. You can try removing every fingerprint saved on the phone and register your fingers again to fix the problem.

Google could have a fix up its sleeve with the first update that includes the June security patch. The update is currently being rolled out, and depending on region and carrier, it will be available on a broader range of Pixel 6a devices over the next week.

Let's hope the device doesn't have a long list of bugs like Google's best Android phones.

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