Larger batteries for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 reportedly 'in testing' at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 wirelessly charging
(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A rumor suggests Samsung is "testing" larger 1,097mAh and 2,790mAh batteries for the Galaxy Z Flip 6.
  • This mirrors the Galaxy S24's "rated" 3,887mAh battery, meaning the Flip 6 could see a 4,000mAh on launch much like the latest flagship model.
  • Previous rumors suggest the Flip 6 is also in line for a larger cover display and (finally) upgraded cameras.

A new rumor suggests Samsung's upcoming clamshell foldable may receive an S24 battery treatment.

According to Galaxy Club (Dutch), the Korean OEM is currently testing larger batteries for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6. Speculation states the increase will be "significant" with the device potentially sporting a 1,097mAh and a 2,790mAh battery.

This could give the Flip 6 purported "rated" battery capacity of 3,887mAh. The publication adds the base Galaxy S24 featured a rated capacity of the same number, but Samsung promoted the device as 4,000mAh.

So, current speculation is that the Flip 6 will follow that same path and echo the S24's battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 display outdoors

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

For context, the Galaxy Z Flip 5's dual-battery setup remained the same as its predecessor. The clamshell offered a dual 1,850mAh battery, which made up its 3,700mAh capacity. If the Flip 6 mirrors the S24 on launch, the upgrade would be a 300mAh difference.

Samsung might also be interested in further competing with the likes of Motorola's Razr Plus 2023 and OPPO. Both companies have packed larger dual battery arrays into their clamshells compared to Samsung. The Korean OEM's rumored venture into larger batteries could help improve Flip 5's inability to go a full day without needing time on the charger.

Moreover, it's hard to expect Samsung to improve the phone's charging speeds — but things can change.

Other rumors suggest the Flip 6 may be in for a larger cover display that's almost the size of the iPhone 5. Currently, the Flip 5 offers a 3.4-inch external display and rumors from November stated Samsung could take this up to almost 4 inches. This might also force the company to make the Flip 6 slightly wider to accommodate the increased external display size.

While Samsung isn't expected to launch its 2024 foldables until later this summer, another rumor states the Flip 6 could feature a stronger 50MP camera.

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