Galaxy S24 Ultra may utilize battery technology found in EVs for faster charging

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra green colorway on a railroad track
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What you need to know

  • Rumors suggest the Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24+ may utilize a new stacked battery technology.
  • Both devices may receive a 5,000mAh battery, but the Ultra model might jump to 65W charging.
  • This battery structure, adapted from electric vehicles, is denser and offers less heat dissipation, making it a little hotter.

Rumors suggest Samsung may look into placing a new form of battery structure into a portion of the Galaxy 24 series.

The rumors stem from Twitter tipster RGcloudS who stated, from an unnamed source, Samsung is supposedly looking to package a stacked battery into the Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24+ (via SamMobile). This new structure could allow Samsung to provide the S24 Ultra with 65W fast charging.

Furthermore, the rumor suggests both the S24 Ultra and S24+ may contain a 5,000mAh battery capacity. While this capacity is no different from the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the S24+ could be in line for an upgrade as its predecessor features a 4,700mAh battery.

Stacked batteries, most notably found in electric vehicles, are said to be denser than a regular smartphone battery. The technology also features less heat dissipation, meaning it'll run a bit hotter, a problem Samsung has some experience with. However, it seems that the stacked method is safer and may have less risk of the battery exploding.

To adjust to the hotter battery, Samsung may look to make the S24 Ultra a little cooler by utilizing a cooling gel.

Allegedly, this new battery technology will be put to use at Samsung's Cheonan plant in Seoul, South Korea once the parts arrive. Apparently, for now, this information is coming from the trial runs conducted at a Chinese plant.

Unfortunately, there is no word on the base Galaxy S24 model. Perhaps this means the company isn't interested in bolstering its battery potential just yet and possibly leaving it with its predecessor's 3,900mAh battery with 25W charging.

For now, it's unclear if Samsung will move through with this new battery structure for its Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24+. It appears that the company will have to ensure the devices aren't prone to overheating, first, before moving forward. Additionally, it's rumored that if the company does get the heat under control, the stacked battery structure may find its way into the 2024 foldable launch.

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