Galaxy S24 sales reportedly rise in 'key' markets globally to beat the S23

All four retail colors of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • A report courtesy of data from Counterpoint Research shows Samsung's Galaxy S24 has experienced a growth in sales in "key" regions.
  • The series' sales reportedly grew by 14% in the U.S. and by 28% in Western Europe.
  • Data showed that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has proven to be the most popular as it accounted for 52% of the sales globally.

Research shows that Samsung's Galaxy S24 series has made headlines for the company in "key" markets following its January launch.

Citing data from Counterpoint Research, Yonhap News (Korea) states that Galaxy S24 sales have grown to surpass its previous S23 trio (via GSMArena). During the same three-week period from the end of January to February, Samsung experienced an apparent "22% jump" in S24 sales over the S23 in South Korea.

Elsewhere, the S24 series' sales grew by about 14% in the U.S. and by around 28% in Western Europe. For the latter, the publication states those sales were driven primarily by pre-orders, specifically in Great Britain, Germany, and France.

According to data, leading the way for Samsung's latest flagship growth is the S24 Ultra, which reportedly accounts for 52% of global sales.

The vanilla S24 held 21% of those sales, followed by the S24 Plus with 21%.

The Galaxy S24 Plus on a corner

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Despite Samsung reporting a massive drop in profits during Q1 2023, the company boasted the global popularity of its Galaxy S23 series. The Korean OEM stated the previous series' sales were 1.7 times higher than its S22 devices in Europe, India, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Samsung is seemingly outdoing itself with the S24 series, as back in January, a report showed the S24 series' pre-order smashed records on home soil.  It was stated that the company sold 1.21 million units in a week in South Korea, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra making up 60% of those sales. The S24 Plus followed the top-tier device with 21% and the base S24 with 19% of those pre-order sales.

Samsung attributed its substantial number of pre-orders to Galaxy AI's debut on the S24 line.

The latest trio of devices picked up their first security update in February, which included a series of camera updates. The company aimed to alleviate users' discomfort with the Vivid display changes, as well as some quality improvements for the S24's rear cameras when recording videos. While that was the S24's first One UI 6.1 update, Samsung stated it's working to bring Galaxy AI to several past-gen devices in a separate One UI 6.1 patch.

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