Love guru leak tells us absolutely nothing real about Nothing Phone (1)

Carl Pei's The Truth Event for Nothing Phone (1)
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What you need to know

  • Several tech sites are covering a "Nothing leak" claiming the phone will have a Snapdragon 778G chip and 6.43-inch display.
  • A quick search reveals the source of the leak to be an unofficial Nothing Phone "user manual" available through the Kindle Store.
  • This leak isn't credible, as we know from a source the Nothing Phone (1) will use an unannounced 7nm chipset.

Several tech sites like 91Mobiles are unquestioningly covering a recent Nothing Phone (1) "leak" claiming the phone will use the Snapdragon 778G, 8GB/128GB, a 6.43" FHD+ 90Hz AMOLED display, 4,500mAh battery, and a triple-rear camera setup with 50MP main camera.

While some of these specs may end up being correct educated guesses, we're posting this as a PSA not to take this leak — or any leak, really — without a heaping pile of salt. We don't know yet what Carl Pei has up his sleeve with the Nothing Phone (1), but neither does this leak's source.

Jadon links to a Kindle book titled "NOTHING PHONE 1: User manual" published April 5 that is very clearly not an official manual. We looked through it and found several instances where the author left in references to a Samsung phone, suggesting he took a manual of another phone and tweaked it.

"Nothing phone 1 is a device with a world class processor, the processor is simply one of the best in the world, it is a processor with unique speed, the device is very fast because of the standard processor that it had the Snapdragon 778G," the book reads. 

Grammatical issues aside, we know from a source that the Nothing Phone (1) CPU will likely use a 7nm processor with a new design that Qualcomm hasn't announced yet, due to be revealed in the coming weeks. 

If the Nothing phone truly used the 6nm Snapdragon 778G — found in several mid-range 2021 phones like the Motorola Edge (2021), Reno 7, and Samsung M52 — it would quickly destroy the hype around this phone. We're certainly not sure it could deliver ""powerful and energy-efficient experience with fast connectivity speeds," as Pei promised in his announcement.

The manual's author, James Omoghosa Abu, has a long list of other tech user manuals on the iPhone SE (2022), Samsung Galaxy A series, and others. He also has written several self-help guides on caring for your newborn baby, how to make money, and finding love with First Love, Last Love, The Colour of Love, and First Night: A guide on love-making.

It's unlikely Mr. Abu intended to be the source of an early leak for an upcoming phone, and more likely he just targeted a popular search term or high-selling Kindle category, like he did with his dozens of other books.

Our job often involves determining whether to trust a leak and compare it against what we know from our own sources, and we'll sometimes share leaks that turn out to be incorrect. It's almost refreshing to find information so clearly false. 

In any event, when we know more credible information about this phone, we'll be sure to share it with you.

Michael L Hicks
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