T-Mobile expands its affordable Connect prepaid plans, starting as low as $10

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Update: 15:45 ET 3/21/2022: T-Mobile has confirmed that the 3GB and 6GB plans will continue to receive the data upgrades as they did previously.

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile is expanding its low-cost prepaid plans, Connect by T-Mobile, to include a four plans ranging from 1GB of data to 12GB.
  • All plans come with 5G access, Scam Shield, and Caller ID.
  • These new plans will be available March 25, 2022 online and in retail locations.

Connect by T-Mobile is a set of prepaid plans designed to make mobile data more accessible to those that may not be able to afford more expensive plans. T-Mobile started out with two automatically increasing plans back in 2020 but has announced an update to this program to expand the offering to four plans including a cheaper $10 per month plan.

Available starting on March 25, 2022, these new plans are right on cue for the original T-Mobile Connect plans' annual data upgrade. The original plans started at 2GB and 5GB with a 500MB upgrade automatically applied every year. This year the plans will reach 3GB and 6GB with their annual upgrades.

T-Mobile's new Connect by T-Mobile plans start with a $10 plan with 1000 minutes of talk time, 1000 texts, and 1GB of high-speed data.  Next, there's a new top-end plan with 12GB of data for a reasonable $35 per month. In the middle are the two plans that previously made up T-Mobile Connect's offering. These plans come in at $15 per month and $25 per month with 3GB and 6GB of data respectively. These plans will continue to increase over time with 500MB being added each year until 2025.

Keep in mind that taxes are not included with these prices.

These plans are kept simple with no streaming perks or online storage but that's what a lot of people want from their phone plans. Luckily, T-Mobile has included its Scam Shield to protect users against unwanted scam calls and caller ID. It also wouldn't be a T-Mobile plan without 5G so as long as you have a compatible phone, you can use the new 5G network.

A couple of important things to keep in mind with these new plans is that T-Mobile will limit streaming video to SD resolution even though many competing limited plans don't include this restriction. T-Mobile has confirmed that its new 3GB and 6GB options are the same as the older T-Mobile Connect plans so if you're happy with your current pricing and don't need more data, there's no need to change.

Still, for new members, these plans will be a good fit and if you want to stick with T-Mobile as a carrier with access to its retail locations and its 5G coverage, Connect can be a good fit. As long as you don't need more than 12GB of data, these new plans will be right in line with the best cheap data plans available. 

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