Pixel At a Glance widget starts showing Bluetooth battery levels for some

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What you need to know

  • Google is finally rolling out the ability to view the remaining battery of your Bluetooth devices from the At A Glance widget. 
  • This feature was announced as part of the March 2022 Pixel Feature Drop. 
  • It seems that Google is bringing this to users as part of a staged rollout.

When Google announced the first Pixel Feature Drop of 2022 back in March, Pixel owners rejoiced to see a bunch of new changes coming. These included things like the new Battery widget, along with the ability to see even more pertinent information in the At A Glance widget. 

Battery percentage remaining in At A Glance widget

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While the Battery widget has been available for many, the ability to view battery life for your favorite headphones in the At A Glance widget has yet to be seen. A post from the r/GooglePixel subreddit suggests that Google is rolling out this new feature. It appears to be part of a staged server-side rollout, meaning that you can't just download the latest version of the Google app to get this functionality.

According to images shared by u/mattbxd, there will be a new option under the At A Glance widget settings, complete with a toggle for Connected devices. Then, when you have a set of headphones or other Bluetooth accessories paired to your Pixel phone, the remaining battery life will appear in the widget.

At A Glance updated settings Bluetooth devices

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What makes this even more confusing is that the original post was updated stating "Seems nice... but it disappeared shortly after." We tried to see if this would work with our Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel Buds A-Series, but have not been able to get the additional settings option to appear. This just goes to show that Google's history of staged rollouts for features that were previously announced will continue to frustrate many.

The At A Glance widget has been kind of a mixed bag for many Pixel owners. Despite promising to offer useful information such as flight plans or calendar events, sometimes the widget just shows nothing more than the time and maybe the current weather conditions. It's clear that Google has big plans for the widget as more and more features are being promised. Now, we just have to wait for the execution to follow through. 

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