Philips V808 Android Phone is a Let Down, Runs China Mobile Version of Android

We had just reported on the Philips V808 Android Phone and were pretty excited to see what Philips would do with their first Android device. We now know that it carries nothing but disappointment because the Philips V808 runs China Mobile’s proprietary Android build, Ophone OS. The Ophone OS on the Philips V808 won’t have access to Android Market, instead applications will be downloaded via a carrier store (read: suck).

The Philips V808 also fails in that it’s a device without 3G, without WiFi, and without multitouch support. Basically China Mobile customers who invest in the Philips V808 will get a device that’s relevant 5 years ago. But no worries, Android is available on sweet devices like the HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy, so there’s little loss here. 


  • Looking at it as a half-full glass kinda thing, at least Android of any flavor (since phone makers can create any flavor they choose) has more penetration in China than iPhone. A rose is still a rose no matter what the color.
  • Maybe it can be hacked and then you could install the usual Android. Support must be present I guess since Android is open source.
    Which reminds me since Linux is supported ( Android in fact ) on these phone , it would be sweet to a different OS. I'd like something Qt based but Qt Extended got discontinued , oh well....