When it comes to wireless chargers, there's no shortage of great options on the market right now at a variety of price points. Some offer basic features, the others with some extras, but you don't always need to pay a small fortune to get a great one. Right now, Amazon has the PeohZarr Wireless Fast Charging Pad on sale for just $8.99, which is about $2 off its regular price. While not a huge price drop, at just $9 it's hard to not want to pick one of these up for an extra to have around. With a max output of up to 10W for Android devices and 7.5W for iPhone models, you won't need to leave your phone on the pad long for it to pick up some extra juice.

It's so cool

PeohZarr Fast Wireless Charging Pad

It's one of the most affordable fast wireless chargers on the market right now, and you're going to want a few of them for your house. Grab one today for the lowest price yet.

$8.99 $11.99 $2

Both the top and bottom of it have an anti-slide design, so not only is the pad designed to stay in place, but your phone won't go sliding off the first time you receive a notification. There's no always-on LED like other pads offer, but the light does blink five times when you first place a device on it so that you'll know it is in the right spot and charging. Internally, this wireless charger has protections to prevent overheating, overcharging, and any other damage to your device. The pad does not come with a wall adapter, so if you want fast charging and don't have an extra laying around, be sure to pick one up.

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PeohZarr is a brand you may not have heard of before, but the reviews are excellent on this pad, and the company backs it with a three-year warranty, and a one-year no questions asked money back guarantee, which should comfort any concerns you have.

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