Pebble's Android beta app brings the future to you

Pebble is now creating a beta app and community for its smartwatch so you can test drive the latest from its labs. Rather than wait for features to be available in an official release, beta customers who can put up with some glitches will get to experience what Pebble is working on right away.

To partake in the beta experience, you'll have to join Pebble's Google+ group, opt in to receive the beta version of the app on the Google Play store, and then download the beta version.

The latest beta today is version 2.0.16-RC3, which brings these features:

  • Adds a new user interface for managing the connection to your Pebble
  • Adds support for automatically changing the color of the Pebble graphics based on the color of the connected
  • The user interface for side-loading Pebble apps is now consistent with the Pebble apps installed from the App Store
  • Fixes a bug where the time on Pebble would not update when the phone's time zone changed
  • Fixes several issues encountered by some users when pairing or connecting a Pebble
  • Many other bug fixes

Be sure to bit up the source link below if you're interested in becoming a beta app tester for Pebble.

Source: Pebble

Chuong H Nguyen