Papercraft on the Moto 360 Sport

Papercraft, a Material Design-themed space shooter for Android Wear your smartwatch, is now available as an open source Android Experiment. Developers can download the code for the game and take a peek inside, applying what they learn to their own apps and games.

Developer Cord Project, Inc. says it was surprised by the power they could get Android Wear devices, and it details some of the APIs that it used to make this game possible.

The game leverages several Android API's, Google Play Games Services, and Material Design to create a truly watch first game. The Canvas API lets us create super smooth 60fps gameplay, while the Wearable Data API layer passes Leaderboard and Achievement updates to your phone and onto Google Play Games.

You can download the code and have a look for yourself over at the Android Experiments site at the link below. You can also find Papercraft itself on the Google Play Store.

Source: Android Experiements