A new report from Re/code claim that the Android-based game console company OUYA is conducting early acquisition talks with a number of corporations.

The story, citing unnamed sources, claims that OUYA has held discussions with a number of China-based businesses, including Xiaomi and Tencent. However, Re/code says there have also been talks with some US companies, including Google and Amazon. The report claim that the talks are centered on the staff of OUYA, rather than the console itself.

OUYA made a huge Internet splash in 2012 when it raised over $8 million on the Kickstarter website to help fund its vision of a $99 Android game console that only used free-to-play games. The console itself launched in mid-2013 but the hardware and software got mixed reviews and, more importantly, generated poor sales. OUYA has lately tried to put its game software inside other hardware devices, including Xiaomi's set-top boxes and smart TVs.

What did you think of the OUYA and why did its idea of a cheap Android game console fail to reach a larger audience?

Source: Re/code