If you haven't grabbed Days Gone yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so, as it's been discounted to just $17 on Amazon during Cyber Monday. At the Amazon store page, the price is listed as a $40 dollar discount however, there's an additional promotion where you'll get $3 off at the checkout page, meaning it's actually $43 off. Considering the game released back in April, this is a pretty hefty discount for a PlayStation 4 exclusive title.

Days Gone box art

Days Gone

Days Gone follows Deacon St. John, a biker in a world completely overrun by infected hordes of Freakers. As Deacon struggles to find a reason to move on in life, you'll have to fight massive hordes, infected wildlife and human survivors in a brutal, unforgiving post-apocalyptic Oregon.

$16.99 $59.99 $43 off

Developed by SIE Bend Studio, this game takes place in Oregon, in a world where hordes of infected known as Freakers have overrun the world. You play as a biker named Deacon St. John who is struggling to move on and find reasons to keep moving. While it was rough at launch, the game has received multiple patches adding new cosmetics, new game plus and fixing performance issues.

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One of our editors, Jennifer Locke, wrote in her review that "Days Gone is amazing for what it is: an open-world survival adventure that features a compelling main character and a surprising amount of heart at its center. Despite its faults, it's a terrific addition to PlayStation's outstanding exclusives portfolio."

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